Dental implantation

Restoration of the tooth after tooth loss is very important both aesthetically and physiologically. It is especially important if a tooth is lost in the smile area.

Modern dentistry can solve both the aesthetic and functional problem of the correct bite.
Dental implantation is the most reliable and aesthetic method for restoring lost teeth. Dental implants are absolutely biocompatible and act as the root of the tooth, on which, after implantation, the crown is fixed.

Moreover, the implant will last a lifetime after implantation.

The success rate of tooth restoration with implants is 96-99%, but the key factors are:
- The quality of the biocompatible material used to make the dental implant itself.
- Technology of implant surface treatment.
- Uniqueness of the implant shape and coating.
- Professionalism and modern knowledge of an implantologist.
When choosing a manufacturer of implant systems for our patients, we gave preference to Swiss quality and reliability.

"The NISKHODOVSKIY CLINIC is an authorized partner of Straumann, with access to unique innovations and technological possibilities of the world's best implant manufacturer. With Straumann implants, we can really handle any problem and guarantee great results for life!

The advantages of dental implantation over crowns and dentures:
- no need to grind adjacent healthy teeth
- maintains the volume of bone and gum attachment, which prevents the development of tooth jaw deformities
- you don't have to depulse them, which is done quite often when you're turning the teeth under the crowns.
- adjacent teeth are not overloaded when chewing because they do not take on the chewing load for the missing tooth.
- complete replacement of a removable denture with a metal-ceramic implant construction
- Even in case of complete adentia (absence of teeth) - with careful planning on the implants the aesthetic tooth structure (prosthesis) can be precisely fixed.

Don't put your health on hold.
The absence of even one tooth changes the character of chewing movements. As a result, the chewing load on the entire jaw and teeth changes, which gradually leads to further changes - it is more difficult to chew food carefully, and this affects digestion and absorption of the body. Gradually, it affects the health of the whole body. So the sooner you get your teeth back to normal, the better for the health of your whole body.

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