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An open smile, which conveys positive emotions and gives the mood, is an essential attribute of the life of a happy and successful person. People who smile widely and with pleasure are optimists in life. And numerous studies confirm that a beautiful smile inspires confidence in the interlocutor, gives advantages in hiring or making deals, as well as helps to manage the impression of himself.

Modern dentistry provides an opportunity to radically change your appearance, mood and attitude to life, just getting the opportunity to smile with a beautiful and healthy smile. Depending on the individual indications, smile aesthetics and functional properties of teeth can be restored with crowns and veneers. Let's talk about crowns.

When crowns are used:
When most of the tooth is broken and the root is in good condition, without damage or cracks, crowns are placed in such situations. If you have this situation now, then placing a crown on your tooth will allow you to smile again openly and naturally. Agree that this greatly affects a person's self-confidence.

How the crown is placed on the tooth:
The first step is to treat tooth decay and professional dental hygiene.

Immediately after that, you can move on to the design of your crown and your smile. If it is a question of changing the row and shape of teeth with the help of crowns, a prototype of future teeth is made of wax. In this case, both important physical and aesthetic parameters can be worked out on temporary crowns.

The next step is to prepare the tooth for the crown. The upper and lower jaw is scanned, a 3-D model is made and the crown is tried on. When the fitting was successful, the permanent crown is installed.

How we choose the types of crowns:
In our practice we apply the most advanced technologies that solve aesthetic problems as effectively as possible. As a rule, these are all-ceramic crowns. In rare cases, metal-ceramic crowns.

Based on many years of experience, knowledge and the wishes of the patient, our specialists will select the best option. Ongoing training and study of the latest developments in the field of dentistry by our specialists guarantees you the best possible results.

Your smile and trust are our job!

The advantages of a crown on the tooth:
Putting a crown on a tooth allows to solve two problems at once: tooth aesthetics and restoration of its functional properties. The advantages undoubtedly include the possibility of placing the crown on the existing root of the tooth. This avoids interference with the jawbone and shortens the restoration time.

How do I choose?
You can only make the right choice when you have all the information about the patient. Individual approach and a wide range of materials for prosthetics allow you to solve any, even very complex problems. A specialist consultation will allow you to determine the method of dental restoration. All types of prosthetics are performed in a clear time, without any discomfort.

As you can see, it is very easy to take a step towards personal confidence, a beautiful smile and positive changes in life.

Our experts apply new knowledge, techniques and materials daily in practice. That's why they recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. And our clinic becomes a meeting place for friends only for good reasons!

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