Gum smile correction

There is a physiological phenomenon called a gum smile. It is when the gingiva covers the teeth unnecessarily, and when you smile you can't see them.

The "Gummy smile" is not a pathology, but a variant of the anatomical norm. Thus is called a condition in which, in a person with a wide smile, the gums are largely bare, which is not always aesthetic, but in each case individually, because most of the smile does not spoil the appearance.

This procedure is used for aesthetic reasons and to avoid expensive prosthetics.

The indications for the operation:
- Wide gumline (grinning) when smiling;
- Significantly open mouth gap at rest (with full denudation of the front incisors);
- Aesthetic indications (patient's desire).

For many, this problem is the cause of complexes. And to solve the problem is simple: enough to resort to the plastic gums with the laser.

This is a comfortable and fast procedure, which is done under local anesthesia and lasts only 15 minutes.

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