Medicament sleep

If you have not yet heard of dental treatment with the use of medication sleep, you will be pleasantly surprised, because now the care of a healthy smile will be associated exclusively with positive emotions.

In addition to comfortable painless treatment, the specialists of "NISKHODOVSKIY CLINIC" set a goal to eliminate the unpleasant psychological factor, which often accompanied the path to a healthy smile - excitement, or even fear. In today's world there are too many reasons for nervous tension, and a beautiful smile certainly should not be one of them.

Separation is especially important when several teeth are scheduled for treatment. It will pass quickly and easily, and you will save time on visits to the dentist.

Advantages of Separation in Dentistry:
- requires no preparations
- does not require diagnostic tests (because the method is safe)
- eliminates the fear of dental treatment (especially for patients with increased anxiety).
- helps with gag reflexes
- practically eliminates the discomfort of administering local anesthesia, enhances the effect of pain relief.
- Saves the child the fear of the dentist and negative associations with the treatment of teeth
- can be used by children from 3-4 years

When is medication sleep not recommended?
- individual intolerance
- ODS or other causes of nasal breathing disorders
- otitis spicy
- high intracranial pressure
- gestation
- children under the age of 3

Try a new level of anti-stress treatment for your teeth, without side effects and with a good mood. NISKHODOVSKIY CLINIC specialists will ensure comfort and safety at all stages of your visit to the clinic.

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