Surgical dentistry

Wisdom tooth extraction is the first thing that is usually associated with surgical dentistry, although this concept is much broader and covers the specialization of surgical interventions in the oral cavity on soft and hard tissues.

Remove or not?

After all, we always try to save our teeth in the first place and only in extreme or emergency cases to get rid of them.

Wisdom tooth removal is performed according to indications, which are conventionally divided into emergency and planned. The need for emergency tooth extraction occurs in acute inflammation that spreads to the bone, as well as in severe toothache, when dental treatment is no longer possible.

As planned, the tooth is removed with the following indications:
• In the case of obstruction of the root canals with chronic periodontal periodontitis, cysts, especially complex sinusitis, neuralgia.
• Destroyed tooth that cannot be saved
• The third and fourth degree of tooth mobility in periodontitis
• Atypical position of wisdom teeth or other teeth that injure the mucous membrane, interfere with food intake and speech function.
• Overcomplete and retained teeth that cause pain or inflammation (retention cysts).
• Fracture of the root of the tooth (mechanical damage)
• If it is necessary to remove a tooth for successful orthodontic treatment.

Factors that may be a contraindication to removal (agreed with your doctor):
• During menstruation (due to poor blood clotting)
• In some acute diseases (myocardial infarction, hypertensive crisis, infectious diseases)
• When taking drugs that reduce blood clotting
• The first and last trimester of pregnancy

Manipulation to remove wisdom teeth is not fundamentally different from the removal of other teeth. Wisdom teeth often grow crooked, underdeveloped in size, do not participate in chewing, their roots are bizarrely curved and inaccessible for full processing and filling, so it is better to prevent possible problems in advance.

When removing a tooth, we guarantee that in all cases the procedure will be painless and using the latest surgical techniques.

The decision to remove or save a tooth is better to make together with a doctor after a detailed diagnosis. In some cases, it is better to do it earlier.

If you now have doubts or need help in making a decision - feel free to contact our experts. If you can not save the tooth, we will offer you the best solution.

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