A million-dollar smile! It's not Hollywood exotic anymore today. A snow-white smile has become the hallmark of a successful man. Research has proven that a smile in itself can do a lot. It attracts attention and inspires confidence in its owner. But if your smile is also flawless, it is simply impossible to resist you.

If your smile is not yet perfect, then aesthetic dentistry will help. Veneer technology ensures a radiant smile. But it is not only beautiful, but also absolutely harmless to dental health. Now it's all in order.

When veneers are used.
Veneers are ultra-thin ceramic plates that are manufactured in a dental laboratory and serve as a replacement for the tooth enamel layer. Unlike crowns, veneers do not cover the entire tooth, but only its frontal part.

Veneers are suitable for leveling a tooth surface or color when other methods, such as whitening, are not acceptable. Also, this prosthetic method cannot be used when there is an incorrect bite, extreme sports (e.g., boxing) or no chewing teeth.

How to put veneers.
Veneers are fixed to the front surface of teeth that are in the "smile area" or still speak in the "smile line". Depending on how wide you smile, these are 8-10 teeth in the upper and lower row. When designing veneers, we also take into account dozens of different parameters and individual features of each person's facial structure. If necessary, veneers can be combined with crowns - when veneers are placed on some teeth and other crowns are made of the same material.

Our specialists will help you to find an individual solution that takes into account all your wishes and peculiarities. After all, a new smile can completely change your life!

Preparation before placing veneers on your teeth.
Before installing veneers, some training is provided:
- Computerized photo diagnosis and doctor's evaluation of key aesthetic and functional parameters
- Diagnostic data analysis (X-ray or CT scan) allows making the right decisions during treatment
- It is important to make professional dental hygiene, as it helps to choose the right color of veneers, allows the doctor to make sure that there are no early forms of caries and has a positive effect on the condition of the gums.

Advantages of installing veneers.
The installation of veneers is an innovative and reliable solution to an aesthetic problem. Our clinic uses the most advanced technology. The materials used to create veneers are biocompatible and fully mimic the natural properties of tooth tissues.

We make sure that on the way to your perfect smile, you get maximum positive emotions. For you, the treatment is easy and comfortable at every stage. After all, teamwork, professionalism and unique system of knowledge of specialists "NISKHODOVSKIY CLINIC" provides the best result in the longest possible perspective.

Our task is to take care of your smile! That is why our patients become our friends and talk about us with pleasure. If we do not know each other yet, we would be happy to introduce you to our team and examples of our work.

And we're always happy to answer all the questions. To do this, leave your phone number by clicking the phone icon on the right at the bottom of the screen - we will call you back and find a convenient time for you to visit the consultation.

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