Teeth whitening

It's proven that people with white smile seem younger than their age. And also, a shining smile raises the status of its owner in the eyes of other people. But over time, colouring substances from food penetrate the enamel surface and change its colour. Tooth whitening brings back the freshness and beauty of your smile.

Food and bad habits are not the only reasons. The color of your teeth has an impact on the overall health of your body. And if the health of the whole body is not so easy to solve quickly, then the questions of habits can be solved very quickly.

Good habits: daily oral care, regular visits to your doctor for professional hygiene, including tartar removal.

Bad habits: frequent consumption of coffee, tea and other drinks that have strong colouring properties. Smoking in large quantities.

How to correct the situation

Tooth whitening will help - a unique dental procedure that allows you to achieve cosmetic results in a short period of time, making a smile dazzling. The indication is the presence of discoloration of teeth or the desire to make your teeth lighter.

Professional tooth whitening consists of a number of activities and involves the development of an individual course of whitening by a dentist. The doctor who conducts the teeth whitening, supervises the process throughout the entire time, making corrections to the designated course if necessary.

Important to Know!
Before whitening your teeth, a consultation with a dental hygienist and professional dental cleaning are mandatory. It is necessary to remove plaque, tartar, above and below the gumline and to choose individual hygiene products to strengthen the enamel of teeth.

"Office" tooth whitening

It has a completely different operating principle than the advertised toothpastes that promise a dazzling smile. The action of "whitening" pastes lies in the abrasive properties of the toothpaste itself. In this case, often while brushing teeth enamel is damaged, and the bleaching effect is almost invisible.

During the procedure of whitening teeth at the dentist uses a special substance. If all necessary conditions are met, the whitening effect is achieved without damaging the enamel. Only the most famous brands, such as Biolase EPIC X, can boast a unique balanced formula, which uses special compounds with an active whitening component that well control the sensitivity of teeth. This type of tooth whitening allows to achieve a change in the color of the teeth, or a single tooth, many times in a short time, and the resulting effect will be maintained for a long period of time.

Maximum gentle tooth whitening (by the way, the only whitening method is not reducing but increasing microhardness of tooth enamel).
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